Addon Services

Backup E-Mail Server

Have 9th Node Networks be a backup mail server! Never worry about a downed mail server again. Our mail servers will instantly grab all of the e-mail directed at your mail server the instant your primary mail server goes down, and then our servers send it back to your mail server the instant it comes back up.

Offsite Database Server

Have 9th Node Networks be your off site backup or live database server. Whether the primary or secondary server for your own personal or corporate needs, rest assure that 9th Node Networks will always be able to keep your data online and accessible. Includes 1 dedicated IP address necessary for operation.

Anti-Spam / Backup Mail Server

spam-blocking service that puts the control in your hands. Do you host your own mail server? Do you want to add an extra layer of protection to a hosted mail server? For just $0.99 per mailbox each month, you can use our spam blocking service to dial down issues with unwanted mail. If you can set and control MX records for your mailboxes, you can use this service, regardless of where your mail is hosted.

Server & Website Monthly Maintenance

Server & Website Monthly Maintenance is performed on the 15th of every month, or the 2nd Friday / Saturday of the month (whichever is sooner). This Maintenance agreement covers 2 hour worth of work at a reduced rate (normally $70/hr) to perform updates on website files, content, third party scripts and general server maintenance or configuration. If work requires additional time, it will be billed at a reduced rate of $45/hr.

This ensures client websites are up to date, secure, and allows for budgeted monthly updates for website content.